cd replication

• 2 000 to 500 000 cd's or cd-rom's
• produced in 7 to 10 days
• 2 000 cd's @ R4
• 50 000 cd's @ R2-80
• packaging and cliche design
• jewelcase, sleeve and envelope options

design specs:
1. print area: 117mm diameter only. NO BLEED!
2. leave hump area blank
3. leave centre circle (19 mm) blank
4. put registration marks in all process or spot colours of the design

IMAC started out as a company that developed Internet starter-kit CDs and magazine cover disks. It then developed into a service that included printed, replicated and designed CDs, CD envelopes, DVDs, and jewel cases for various industry players and independents. The possibility of magazines providing their readership with CDs (CD ROMs and music CDs) got many a publishing house interested in the concepts Imac had on offer, and soon found themselves able to offer their clientele a whole new world of information, entertainment and technology through including CDs in their print publications.