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eBucks - October 2001
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MTN Spring 2001
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The e-book allows printed material to be read on PC in the same manner as one would read a traditional book: there is a cover, a spine, bookmarks and pages that turn. The e-book can be easily customised to suit the needs of the user of this unique, fun and completely original form of communication: an e-book can take the form of a magazine, portfolio, album, catalogue, newspaper, sales report, novel or presentation kit.

The e-book is simply an executable file, that, when installed, resides on PC. The executable file is deliverable through a variety of means namely e-mail, FTP or on disk.

On an international level, Imac was the official provider of e-books to the Olympics: the company created three e-books offering Olympic content to our users as well as anybody visiting the official Olympic website. Imac has also created an e-book for the New Zealand Tourism board.

In South Africa, the e-book has already proved immensely popular with publishers and users alike. A major publishing house has found itself reaching a much broader and larger sector of the market through transforming their printed publications into e-book format. Users love the interactivity that the e-book provides, with sound and animation combining with exciting content.

Users have also been receptive to advertising (via text links and banner ads) in the e-book format.

Imac has distributed 700 000 e-books to its subscribers to date. To sample this new and interactive media, go to www.replay.co.za/ebook